High School Students Can Build a Future.

Empowering Students, Creating Bright Futures.

Our focus is to empower high school students and their families with holistic support services exposing them to a variety of career options, educational tools, internships with local organizations, and a mentor for personalized support.

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Woman continuing brother’s legacy over 30 years after his death by helping the youth of Fort Wayne

Create a future for your students.

The Dana Foundation provides internship opportunities for high school students to grow their skills and discover what they want to do in life. With our forward-thinking philosophy, you can create a future for your students that is more than just education—it’s about giving them the opportunity to grow through learning and experience.

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We provide students with a variety of services and tools to assist them in their educational journey. Our programs are designed to be holistic, providing support in all areas of a student’s education. Providing students with options and opportunities for involvement, our goal is to help them succeed in life after high school.

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The Dana Leroyne Causey Family Empowerment Foundation  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID Number 85-0823978

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