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The Dana Foundation is a nonprofit organization committed to helping individuals reach their full potential. Through its various programs, the Dana Foundation works to provide services, resources and financial support to those in need.

Ways to Give

One-time Donation

One-time donations are a great way to support the Dana Foundation. To make a one-time donation, visit the Dana Foundation website and click on the donation button. You can make a one-time donation via credit card, debit card or PayPal. One-time donations are greatly appreciated and help the Dana Foundation continue its work.

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Are you interested in supporting the Dana Foundation on a monthly basis? Monthly memberships are a great way to help the Dana Foundation meet its fundraising goals. Having a consistent source of income is helpful for the Dana Foundation as it allows the foundation to plan ahead and make more efficient use of its resources.

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Workplace Giving

Do you work for a company that offers workplace giving? If so, you can easily make a contribution to the Dana Foundation by designating your gift to the foundation. Through workplace giving, you can contribute to the Dana Foundation by using pre-tax dollars.

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Amazon Smile

¬†To use Amazon Smile, all you have to do is select the Dana Foundation when you make a purchase through Amazon. Selecting the Dana Foundation will automatically divert a percentage of your purchase to the foundation. You can also choose to donate a flat amount if you’d prefer to donate a fixed amount.

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Amazon Wishlist

Amazon Wishlist is a program that allows you to support the Dana Foundation by purchasing items off of the organization’s wishlist. The wishlist is full of essential goods, equipment and supplies that the foundation needs to help individuals reach their potential.

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Kroger Community Rewards

Kroger Community Rewards is a program that allows you to support the Dana Foundation by purchasing groceries. Every time you make a purchase with your Kroger Plus card, you can choose to donate a percentage to the Dana Foundation.

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Do you want to host a fundraiser?

We take pride in offering our donors many different ways to support our cause. If you would like to setup a fundraiser at your workplace or with an organization, we will assist you in creating the event.

Help us continue to support our students by donating today.

The Dana Leroyne Causey Family Empowerment Foundation  is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Federal Tax ID Number 85-0823978

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